Project results awarded Best Automation Paper Award at IEEE ICRA 2012!

We are happy to announce that a paper authored by Andreas Stolt, Magnus Linderoth, Anders Robertsson, and Rolf Johansson, all at Lund University in Sweden, has been awarded the Best Automation Paper Award at IEEE ICRA 2012, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, May 14-18. The paper is titled "Force Controlled Robotic Assembly without a Force Sensor" and was presented at the conference in a track on "Force, Torque and Contacts in Grasping and Assembly".

Paper abstract:

The traditional way of controlling an industrial robot is to program it to follow desired trajectories. This approach is sufficient as long as the accuracy of the robot and the calibration of the workcell is good enough. In robotic assembly these conditions are usually not fulfilled, because of uncertainties, e.g., variability in involved parts and objects not gripped accurately. Using force control is one way to handle these difficulties. This paper presents a method of doing force control without a force sensor. The method is based on detuning of the low-level joint control loops, and the force is estimated from the control error. It is experimentally verified in a small part assembly task with a kinematically redundant robotic manipulator.

Link to complete list of winners: IEEE ICRA Best Automation Paper