ROSETTA workshop at EU Robotics Forum 2013

ROSETTA at the EU Robotics Forum 2013
The FP7 EU research project ROSETTA was presented at the EU Robotics Forum 2013 in Lyon, France, 19-31 March. Results of the project were disseminated in several workshops during the three days.

Prof. Jacek Malec at Lund University had a presentation during the first day in a workshop called “AI meets Robotics... in Europe!” where he described some of the key-challenges in order to apply AI within industrial robotics applications. He further showed some of the results from the ROSETTA project for how to meet with these challenges.

Dipl.-Math. techn. Susanne Oberer-Treitz from Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany, co-arranged a workshop called “Safety in Physical Human-Robot- Cooperation - euRobotics Topic Group”. At the workshop Susanne held a presentation called “Industrial robot safety standardization” where she presented the current efforts within standardization in industrial robotics (where results from ROSETTA is applied). Prof. Steffen Peldschus, from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, had a presentation at the same workshop called “ Potentials and Limitations in Injury Criteria Modelling ”. Steffen presented the current challenges in injury criteria modelling and some of the recent progress made in ROSETTA in this area. The third presentation related to ROSETTA at the workshop on safety in physical human-robot cooperation was made by Mikael Hedelind from ABB Corporate Research Sweden on the topic of “Dual-arm robot concept for small parts assembly” where he discussed the current state-of-practice in industrial robotics with regard to physical human-robot cooperation and what lies in the future with a new generation of intrinsically safe industrial robots.

On the third day there was a whole workshop related to ROSETTA where project results where disseminated. The presentations for the topics below will be available for download.

Agenda for the workshop
Introduction and Project Overview
- Mikael Hedelind, ABB AB Corporate Research, Sweden
Robot Knowledge Engineering
- Prof. Jacek Malec, Lund University, Sweden
Sensor-based task execution
- Ass. Prof. Klas Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden
ROSETTA Safety Approach
- Prof. Paolo Rocco, Politecnico di Milano, Italy